How to job search while still working at your current job

“She must have a job interview today! She’s so dressed up today.”

We’ve all thought about it looking at a coworker in the office. She must be interviewing!

However, it’s a totally natural thing to be doing. We all want to go for new opportunities and shouldn't stay in the same comfortable role forever.

What we do need to keep in mind though is job searching in a way that does not get in the way of our current job. We don’t want to end up burning bridges or letting our team down by not showing up.

Here is some advice to help you navigate these tricky waters..

1. Don’t search for jobs on your company computer
We all do it - look for our next job while still employed with our current. Here is however there is a right way and a wrong way to go about those during the day interviews and emails with recruiters.

Not only can they see your browser history, but you chance a coworker seeing you. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

2. Careful how much you update your Linkedin profile

It’s like setting off alarm bells when you make too many major updates. This especially includes your headline. Try to update your profile gradually instead.

3. Calls during the day

It’s ok to take calls during the day. However try to schedule them before work, during lunch, or after work.


4. What to tell your work to take time off for an interview?

Option 1 - Take a sick day

Option 2- Say you have a dentist appointment and have to come in late

Option 3 - Take a vacation day

Option 4 - Try to schedule the interview during your lunch break, or before /after work 

5. Giving your notice

Try to let your manager know first. Come prepared with a printed letter of resignation or tell your manager you will be emailing it to them shortly.



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