What’s a Work Win?

Work Wins are powerful results-based stories that describe your experience and track record.

Why save work win stories?

  • To get a raise or promoted - Prove your value and present it to your employers before you ask for a raise. Showcase your results to prove you deserve it. 
  • To interview better - When you don’t document on a regular basis, you tend to forget important details that help show how valuable you are. Impress hiring managers and recruiters with all that you’ve accomplished.
  • To painlessly update your resume - iI all your top work wins are saved, all you have to do is pull from them and boil them down into more concise bullets.
  • To be prepared for a performance review - Be ready with proof of your hard work with actual examples. If you’ve been documenting everything with results, emails, feedback, etc. Everything is there.
  • To prove your past experience - Every time you leave a company, you lose access to company info. The only way to get another job is to prove your value and track record from past jobs.
  • To stay motivated - You can reread your work wins if you ever need a boost of confidence or are having a bad day.


How do shared links work?

We know that feeling when you do something great and want to share it with your inner circle. Shareable links last 30 days.