Why Careerkeeper?


Preparing for job interviews is complicated. To be successful, you need to prove you’re capable of doing the job by sharing relevant examples of your work. But where do these examples come from? How can we be expected to remember the exact results of that campaign from your last job or the name of that program you transitioned from five years ago.

Many people try to accomplish this by saving scattered notes or telling the interviewer the first things they can come up with to which often leads to a big black hole of information or a half-impressive story lacking many key details.

Every time we need to apply for a new opportunity, it’s like starting all over again. Then once we get the job, it’s like all the work is thrown out until the next time.

With CareerKeeper, you can save all of your Work Win stories in one place so you are always ready for your next opportunity. This way you never have to “start over.” 


What makes us different?


We are not a job search site or resume builder. Instead, CareerKeeper is a trusted place for business professionals to privately track their work win stories and apply them to opportunities. It's not about meeting every job requirement or writing the "perfect"​ resume, it's about telling your story.

As our Founder and CEO, Allison Calabrese, says “Your resume and job search websites get you the interview. CareerKeeper gets you the job.” 

From saving time updating your resume to feeling more confident about an upcoming interview, we're in your corner, helping you succeed. 

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